Fibromyalgia is a controversial and complicated disorder. Proper diagnosis and treatment are challenging, and a wide variety of factors must be considered, including complete joint and muscle function, nutritional factors, and lifestyle issues. A thorough examination, including orthopedic and neurologic testing and specialized tests, will help determine the exact causes of your symptoms and what your treatment plan for fibromyalgia should be.

A comprehensive chiropractic treatment program addressing all of your issues can lead to significant improvement. Like other chiropractors, Dr. Moramarco has found success helping those with fibromyalgia and feels strongly that a nutritional component should be added to the chiropractic treatment in his Woburn office for a complete, holistic approach to this frustrating condition.

Although researchers are still a long way from finding a “cure” for fibromyalgia, a program that combines chiropractic with nutrition can be helpful to effectively manage fibromyalgia. If your case does not respond to our chiropractic treatment program, we will be certain to make a prompt referral to another healthcare provider. Contact us to get all of your questions answered regarding our treatment of fibromyalgia.