Example of a knee sprain.

Knee pain can be chronic, acute, or a result of a sprain or strain. A detailed examination of the knee, including orthopedic testing, will help determine the reason for knee pain. An X-ray or MRI will likely be ordered to determine the correct diagnosis.

Knee injuries, or general knee problems that come on slowly, often respond well to conservative care. Pain and swelling can be reduced with the aid of therapy and/or manipulation or mobilization techniques.

Strengthening and stretching key muscles can speed healing, create better stability, and prevent relapse of a knee problem. Modalities used for chiropractic treatment are not restricted to the spine and can be effective for knee pain treatment as well as for pain in other extremities.

If your knee problem persists, or you do not experience relief within a reasonable period of time, Dr. Moramarco will refer you to the appropriate specialist, either in the Woburn area or in Boston, so you can get relief for your knee problems fast.

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