1. How Often Should I Get Adjusted?

    Chiropractic adjustments could be a great way to help you manage pain and provide you with treatment for a number of different conditions. The frequency at which you get chiropractic adjustments depends on a number of factors. Depending on what you are getting adjustments for, and the severity of your condition, the amount of adjustments you should receive and how often will differ.  At Moramarco…Read More

  2. CBD for Pain Management

    CBD use in on the rise and people want to know more! So, what’s the deal with CBD for pain management? People are using CBD for a variety of ailments. Many are finding it especially helpful for muscle and joint pain, and inflammation. Aside from that, there are claims it can help with anxiety or improve sleep although evidence is still lacking. The number of CBD products on the market is growing…Read More

  3. How To Describe Your Back Pain

    Chiropractic care can be a valuable tool to provide back pain relief for a wide range of ailments, and you are most likely to receive the diagnosis and treatment that you need if you know how to discuss your back pain with your chiropractor. In today’s post, we’ll go over some underlying causes of back pain before providing you with the language to help you explain your unique ailments. Read o…Read More

  4. How Poor Posture Can Cause Upper Back Pain

    Although it is less common than lower back pain or neck pain, many people will suffer from upper back pain at some point in their life. In fact, a study in Occupational Medicine found that roughly 1 in 10 men and twice as many women will experience upper back pain. The upper back describes the area between the bottom of the ribcage and the base of the neck, between which are 12 bones that make up …Read More

  5. How To Find The Best Office Chairs For Back Pain

    Do you suffer from back pain? You are not alone. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, back pain is one of the most common medical problems in the United States — roughly 80% of Americans will experience lower back pain at some point in their life. However, just because it’s a common problem doesn’t mean you have to suffer through it. Chiropractic care can…Read More

  6. What’s the Best Sleeping Position for Your Back?

    Have you ever woken up feeling achy, stiff, and sore? Do you have a hard time falling asleep at night? Are you suffering from inexplicable lower back pain? Your sleeping position could be to blame. Although many people simply assume the position that feels most comfortable and don’t spend much time thinking about it, your sleeping position can affect everything from the quality of your sleep to …Read More

  7. Back Pain? A Chiropractor Can Help

    Back pain can come on suddenly or slowly develop and worsen over the course of days or even weeks. While there are many activities that cause or exacerbate back pain, sometimes it may seem like the discomfort came on for seemingly no reason. If your back hurts and you aren’t sure what to do, call Moramarco Chiropractic in Woburn. A chiropractor has a number of ways to help your back feel better …Read More

  8. Chiropractors Can Help With Work-Related Injuries

    If you have been hurt at work, you have a lot to deal with. In addition to filling out a lot of paperwork and worrying about whether or not you can continue to do your job to the best of your abilities, you also have to take care of yourself by following your doctor’s orders and maybe even undergoing physical therapy. If you have been doing everything you can to feel better but you are not seein…Read More