When was the last time you nearly hurt yourself while on the job? If, for example, you sprain your back at work, you probably just want to find an effective back injury treatment and return to work as soon as possible. Dr. Moramarco is your leading chiropractor for work-related injuries. Studies in several states, Canada, and Australia have shown that chiropractic care helps people return to work faster and with less cost than traditional medical care. These studies compared the same type of injuries. They also found people who chose chiropractic care for job injuries had fewer chronic problems in the long term.

One of the most common work injuries is a strain or sprain of the back or spine, commonly in the lower back. Bending and lifting improperly is usually responsible. Neck and mid-back injuries can happen as well. If your injury is a musculoskeletal injury, Moramarco Chiropractic can help.

Work injuries are a fact of life, but when you are able to get back to work sooner it is a win-win situation for the patient, employer, and insurer. That’s why getting your chiropractic adjustment and related care for work injuries at our Woburn chiropractic clinic is the right choice.

Our office will help complete all necessary paperwork, so you can focus on healing. Give us a call for your free phone consultation, or contact us online.

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