Everyone knows exercise is important for overall health and wellbeing. People who are physically fit are less likely to have back pain and sustain injuries, and they tend to recover faster when a back injury occurs compared to those who are less fit.

When it comes to optimal back health, spinal stabilization is important, and exercise can contribute via abdominal strengthening and corrective back exercises. In addition, proper lifting technique and body mechanics play an important role in keeping your back healthy and strong.

Proper stretching and strengthening of back and abdominal muscles are essential for back pain relief. Chiropractic care expert Dr. Moramarco can provide you with guidance and instruction in the proper home care exercises to speed your recovery and return you to wellness, making your daily activities easier.

As always, if you are experiencing back pain, be sure to check with your back care specialist before starting an exercise routine for your back or any other at home back injury treatment.

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Spinal stabilization is key for avoiding back pain and sports injuries. Call 781-938-8558 to get better and back to your daily routine.