The Schroth Method and Dr. Weiss’ Best Practice are a winning combination for the adolescent or adult with scoliosis.

Taking a non-surgical conservative approach for the treatment and management of scoliosis is effective and empowering. The exercise and breathing techniques address scoliosis from a 3-dimensional perspective. Goals of the Schroth – ‘Best Practice’ techniques are:

  • to halt curve progression (in adolescents, we strive for reduction)
  • improve pulmonary function
  • create a stable, more balance spine
  • improve posture and appearance
  • address pain, if present
  • improve strength/flexibility
  • mobilize the spine and rib cage
  • educate and empower
  • decrease vertebral rotation
  • to show you how to avoid surgery

Please refer to our Scoliosis 3DC website for more information on the Schroth Method.

Dr. Marc is the first and most experienced US healthcare practitioner certified in Germany. With the Schroth Method and Dr. Weiss’ techniques, he offers adolescents and adults a viable alternative for the management of scoliosis. In the past few years he has taught hundreds of patients these non-surgical alternatives for scoliosis. He delivers instruction and advice with the care and compassion of a father who knows the traditional system of scoliosis treatment. Because of his own experience, he knows patients are eager to avoid surgery and to understand scoliosis. His program provides that and much more. It is empowering!