Upper back pain and tightness can occur for a variety of reasons, including improper posture, especially. while sitting at the computer. Pain can also develop after a car accident or trauma, such as a sports injury. Muscular irritation and joint dysfunction can contribute, or sometimes a displaced rib can cause an excruciating, sharp, stabbing pain in the upper back to the point where it becomes difficult to take a deep breath. Alternatively, the problem can be something as simple as holding stress in the upper back, which can eventually cause pain to become chronic.

This type of back pain may or may not be associated with shoulder pain or neck pain.

If any of the above pain problems sound familiar, then chiropractic care may be an effective back pain treatment for you. A chiropractor will use spinal manipulation of the thoracic spine, which may be accompanied by trigger point therapy, postural exercises to stretch and strengthen the upper back, or therapy modalities to promote healing. At home exercises and instruction in improved ergonomics helps make sure your upper back problem is resolved with complete spinal rehabilitation providing long lasting relief.

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