The Schroth Method is a method of treating scoliosis devised in Germany in the 1920’s. It is a breathing and exercise technique designed specifically for those with scoliosis and includes a proprietary component known as Schroth rotational breathing. Schroth is a three-dimensional scoliosis exercise approach used by chiropractors to create spinal stabilization.

Practicing the Schroth Method helps the patient bring the musculature supporting the spine into balance. The scoliosis-specific exercises prescribed are dictated by an individual’s unique scoliosis curve pattern. A customized Schroth Method exercise and breathing routine allows patients to work toward improved spinal symmetry.

The Schroth Method is quite effective for those with scoliosis, and Dr. Moramarco was instrumental in introducing this technique in the U.S. He makes annual trips to Germany to stay abreast of recent developments.