Woburn MA Chiropractic Services

Relief Care/Acute Care

If you have pain or concerns you want addressed immediately, you are in the right place. Dr. Moramarco has helped get Woburn area chiropractic patients out of pain for nearly twenty-six years.

Chiropractors refer to this type of care as relief care. Depending on your individual findings and condition,  Dr. Moramarco may treat you on your very first visit, or perhaps he’ll have you return the next day to discuss examination findings and commence care to address your pain. In either case, please be assured it is his intention to relieve your pain as fast as possible.

During relief care, visits may be frequent to facilitate healing. We want you to feel better as quickly as possible! Getting you our of pain is accomplished through adjustments, therapy modalities, and maybe even corrective exercises. Any or all may be recommended. Therapy modalities may include electrical muscle stimulation, cold laser therapy, ultrasound, ice or heat. In addition, the recommendation of unweighted exercise, stretching, nutritional supplements, massage therapy and corrective exercises may also be utilized.

Your individual response will dictate the frequency and length of visits. Your age, state of health, how long you have had the condition, or pain, and lifestyle will determine how long it takes for your body to heal via chiropractic. Some patients feel better after a very short time, others take a bit longer. Rest assured that our office will do our best to help you get out of pain, fast!

Some patients choose to relieve pain, only. Corrective care is recommended, but that is entirely your decision. There is no pressure or salesmanship at Moramarco Chirorpractic!

Corrective Care

With your most troublesome symptoms gone, corrective care focuses on the long-term correction and addresses the cause of your discomfort. At this point, visit frequency is reduced and emphasis turns to regular adjustments, life-style changes, self-care and making sure your body maintains the improvements achieved during the pain relief phase of care. Although pain is no longer present, it is not uncommon for  joints, muscles, and other soft tissues to take a significant amount of time to heal completely. This is an important reason to continue with chiropractic. Treatment during this phase ensures complete healing and improves the odds of preventing relapse.


When the body is fully healed and you are feeling better, most patients, at this point, are enthusiastic about the benefits of chiropractic. Many choose to schedule monthly, bimonthly or quarterly appointments to take a proactive approach to manage structural health. The point is, it is your body, and your health. You decide what works best.

A chiropractic wellness program can help catch small problems before they become major ones. Wellness care helps patients feel their best, improve functioning, enhance performance on the athletic field, help prevent injuries and as a result may, in the long term, save time, aggravation, frustration and money.

Regular adjustments, exercise, a healthy diet, and the right lifestyle choices allows for optimal functioning of your musculoskeletal system.

Whatever type of care you decide upon, our Woburn chiropractic office staff is here to facilitate healing and support you in your quest for improved health.