First line of defense against pain.

Hi, I’m Kim C. Welcome to Dr. Marc’s website. By choosing chiropractic care you have made a wise decision, and Dr. Marc and his staff will multiply the benefits of your choice every time you come to them for treatment. You may be in pain now, or have some misgivings about the necessity of this type of treatment, and even wonder what your insurance will cover. Let me put you at ease. Pick up the phone and make the first appointment. You will find friendly, kind, caring people on the line, ready to help you get past all the “stuff” and be on your way to feeling better as quickly as possible.

I know this because I have been a patient with Moramarco Chiropractic since 1995. I have uneven hip joints and where my hips lead, my back and neck follow. I count on Dr. Marc and his staff to keep my spine healthy despite this problem. Under his consistent care, I am able to enjoy my current job and stay on my feet thirty plus hours per week. Dr. Marc always listens, assesses and treats me looking for my maximum comfort. I help him by assessing discomfort, listening to and carrying out his instructions.

Moramarco Chiropractic has become my family’s first line of defense against pain, illness, sports injuries and many other issues aided by chiropractic care. Moramarco Chiropractic offers you this same opportunity for a healthier more comfortable life. Just go see him, be honest about your needs, your insurance and your expectations. You will meet great people, and the results will follow as treatment gives your body time to heal.

Kim C.