Choose chiropractic over surgeryThis week, a person just needs to look to look at the news about professional golfers Tiger Woods and Jeff Overton, to gain some insight into the potential after-effects of back surgery. As just about everyone knows, Tiger Woods was recently arrested after police found him in a car on the side of the road allegedly under the influence from a cocktail of pain killers. On social media this week, Jeff Overton’s wife revealed that he is recovering from a life threatening spinal infection after back surgery.

Anyone who has ever had severe back pain can’t argue about how debilitating the pain can be. It can literally knock you off your feet or to your knees.

When people seek treatment from conventional medical doctors for back pain, the recommendations for pain management typically are cortisone injections or pain killers. More people however should consider conservative treatments like chiropractic. If you are a candidate for chiropractic care, and most people are, it can help you get through the acute pain phase of a back pain episode and get you on the road to a more natural recovery. 

For back pain, choose chiropractic rather than pills and injections

At our office, we usually start with ice, electrical muscle stimulation and ultrasound along with chiropractic adjustments to get you out of pain. Conservative treatments may need to take place over the course of a few weeks but usually works well for people who give it a chance. 

We find that patients who start care soon after a back injury or the onset of pain are less likely to be under care for a prolonged period of time. If you’ve had pain for a long time though, we will still do our best to help. The benefit of early intervention is that it can help you avoid medication for back pain that really only serves to mask the your pain. It doesn’t help you get to the true cause of the problem.

Visiting a surgeon won’t really provide you with many options other than drugs, surgery or therapy. And, the reality is, as one surgeon put it so succinctly, “I cut to cure.”

Here at our Woburn chiropractic office, we prefer to say, we care to cure. Getting you back on your feet and in good health is our number one priority. We strongly believe that conservative treatment for back pain and injuries is a far better alternative than subjecting yourself to the unenviable consequences these two golfers have experienced.