Snow is just around the corner. Are you ready? Woburn receives an average of nearly 55 inches of snowfall per year. Compare that to the average U.S. city, which receives less than half that amount at 26 inches. It’s safe to say we’re in for another year of shoveling on a regular basis. You may not realize it, but poor shoveling techniques can have quite the impact on your back. Keep reading to learn the proper shoveling tips.

  1. Pick the right shovel – Though they may serve the same purpose, every shovel is made differently. Be sure to pick an ergonomic one that can help take some of the effort out of the task. A shovel with a curved handle or adjustable handle length will lessen painful bending, thus requiring you to bend your knees and arch your back only slightly. Note that a small, lightweight, plastic blade helps reduce the amount of weight you’re moving.
  2. Warm up properly – Shoveling can take a lot out of your body. Cold, tight muscles are more prone to injury than ones that are warmed up. Get your blood moving with a brisk walk or even just marching in place. Next, gently stretch your lower back and hamstrings. Lastly, stretch out your arms and shoulders.
  3. Use ergonomic lifting techniques – Take a moment to think about how you currently shovel snow. Do you face away from the object you intend to lift? Do you bend at the lower back? Are your loads heavy? Do you twist your back at all to move the snow to its new location? Do you reach and toss snow? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be doing your back a great deal of harm.
  4. Pace yourself – Longtime Woburn residents know that we’re always good for at least one or two major snowfalls every year. If possible, try to remove snow over several days to lessen the strain on your back and arms. When it comes to deeper snow, remove a few inches off the top as opposed to shoveling the full depth at once. Don’t forget to take breaks, either!
  5. Use a snow blower – It’s always a good idea to invest in a snow blower. Not only will you use it a lot, but it puts much less stress on your lower back compared to shoveling. Just be sure to use the power of your legs to push the snow blower while keeping your knees bent and back straight.    

How Our Chiropractor Can Help

Nobody wants to throw out their back or other previous injuries while shoveling snow. Unfortunately, though, accidents happen. That’s why you need a reliable chiropractor at your side. With Dr. Marc Moramarco, Woburn patients are in the best of hands. Whether you need one-time chiropractic adjustments or regular treatments for health and wellness, our pain management expert can help. Unlike others in the area who simply mask the low back pain of patients, Dr. Moramarco gets to the root of the issue.

See what our chiropractor can do for you as winter approaches. Call now for local chiropractic care.