Chiropractic care can be a valuable tool to provide back pain relief for a wide range of ailments, and you are most likely to receive the diagnosis and treatment that you need if you know how to discuss your back pain with your chiropractor.

In today’s post, we’ll go over some underlying causes of back pain before providing you with the language to help you explain your unique ailments. Read on to learn more, and if you’re looking for treatment for back pain in Woburn, we invite you to schedule an appointment at Moramarco Chiropractic!

Back Pain Can Come From Many Places

Every day, your back is subjected to a wide range of forces and movements — twisting, lifting, sudden jolts, slouching over a desk, etc. All of these things are made possible by your back’s complex anatomy, which includes:

  • Large muscles that lift and support the spine
  • Bones of the spine
  • Ligaments that hold your vertebrae together
  • Tendons that attach muscles to the spine
  • Spinal nerves that transmit brain signals to the rest of the body
  • Facet joints that connect vertebrae together
  • Intervertebral discs that provide shock absorption for the spine’s bones

When any one of these anatomical structures is injured, or is not working in balance with the rest of the back, you may experience back pain. Because there are so many possible underlying causes, it can be difficult to identify the source of the pain and provide effective back pain treatment.

How To Describe Back Pain

Finding an accurate diagnosis — and an effective treatment — is much easier when you are able to describe the type of pain, its area of distribution, and any related symptoms. It helps to begin with three common classifications of back pain:

1. Axial Pain

Axial pain is characterized by being confined to one region or spot. It may feel sharp or dull, mild or severe, be constant or intermittent, or produce an uncomfortable throbbing feeling. Common causes for axial pain include muscle strains, injured facet joints, and annular tears in discs. It is a common source of lower back pain.

2. Referred Pain

Referred pain is a dull, achy pain that tends to be migratory (moves around different parts of the back) and varies in intensity. It is much rarer than axial or radicular pain. Generally, it is caused when a structure in the tissues of the lower back is injured, and the pain is radiated throughout the extensive network of sensory nerves in the area.

3. Radicular Pain

Radicular pain is sharp and searing, often described as being like an electric shock. This type of pain is most often caused by compression or inflammation of a spinal nerve root, which may itself be caused by a herniated disc or a pinched nerve.

Find Back Pain Relief at Moramarco Chiropractic

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