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Can You Only See A Chiropractor for Back Pain?

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Has anyone ever told you that you should see a chiropractor? Have you maybe thought, “yeah, I’ll give that a try if my back is ever giving me trouble.” Not a bad idea, but did you know there are a ton of reasons to see a chiropractor unrelated to back pain? Sure, pain along the spine is a common reason for chiropractic visits but it’s not the only reason to get your spine adjusted. There are a lot of other benefits that come with seeing a chiropractor. We’ve outlined just a few of the most important reasons to make a chiropractic appointment below.

Chiropractic Supports The Immune System

One reason people commonly go to the chiropractor that is unrelated to back pain is to help support the immune system. Believe it or not, your immune system is heavily affected by your spine. How? Well, the way your spine affects most things in your body: your central nervous system. Your brain communicates with the rest of your body via your spinal cord. Spinal injury or misalignment can interrupt the pathways for communication which can result in more illness. On top of that, the negative health effects of stress on physical health are well documented and anyone who’s been to the chiropractor knows getting realigned can help relieve stress. So see a chiropractor this winter to help you stay just a little healthier.

Chiropractic Improves Mental Health

Speaking of stress relief, did you know chiropractic can significantly help improve mental health? There’s even some evidence to suggest chiropractic can help relieve the symptoms of mental illness. Evidence suggests the symptoms of mental illness can be made worse by inflammation in the body and chiropractic has long been shown to reduce inflammation. On top of that, chiropractic very strongly promotes a mind-body connection and a full body approach to health, something known to help with things like anxiety and depression. Getting adjusted can also promote the production of hormones like oxytocin which can make you feel happier and help you sleep better, which always helps promote a better mood. If your mental health has taken a hit lately, it might be worth it to give chiropractic a try.

Depending on the severity of your scoliosis, a brace may also be suggested to use while also receiving treatments through the use of Schroth Method. By implementing these exercises and a brace, you could improve your scoliosis and ensure that it does not continue to get worse.

Chiropractic Helps With All Kinds of Pain

Back pain isn’t the only kind of pain chiropractic can assist with. Your spine is a common denominator in all kinds of aches that may be in your body. Chiropractic has been shown to help with all kinds of chronic pain. From headaches and migraines to arthritis, studies have shown that chiropractic can help patients deal with and manage pain without medication. It’s an all-natural alternative that many patients have found helpful. A Chiropractor's goal will be to get to the root of the problem so if you have chronic pain, it’s worth looking into.

Chiropractic Works Well As Preventative Care

Chiropractic is exceptionally good at treating issues before they arise. Proper alignment can help with things like weight loss, which is a massive investment in your health and longevity. It’s also been shown to improve digestion, another thing that can be tied to a myriad of health problems as well as physical discomfort. Chiropractic also helps correct posture, improves circulation, and improves energy, all things that can help your body fight diseases and the effects of aging. There are so many reasons to give chiropractic a try and so many health benefits!

Back pain may be a common reason to see a chiropractor but it is far from the only reason. Almost anyone can benefit from seeing a chiropractor at some point in their lives. If you suffer from chronic pain, are struggling with mental health issues or just want to get the jump on some issues that may come up for you later, Moramarco Chiropractic can help you. If we’ve convinced you to give chiropractic a try, you can contact us today to set up an appointment. Wondering if chiropractic is right for you? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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