1 – If injuries seem serious and are cause for concern, don’t hesitate to go to an emergency room. If your injuries don’t seem serious enough for the ER but you feel the need to be seen immediately, we do our best to provide appointments within 24 hours. Chiropractors provide evaluations after an accident and can assess your injuries and provide advice for a program of care to have you feeling better sooner.

2 – Make note of how you feel following the car accident any symptoms that occur, and when. Are you stiff or sore or dizzy? Does your neck ache? Are you experiencing pain, muscle spasms, numbness or tingling? The more information you provide the better.

3 – If there are any questions, get x-rays.

4 – Seek advice prior to self-treatment. Barring contraindications we typically recommend ice, not heat, following any sudden injury, but it’s a good idea to check beforehand.

5 – If pain develops, and/or persists, beginning treatment sooner can make a difference.

6 – Follow instructions for home care.

7 – Be patient. Healing after an automobile accident takes time.

8 – Don’t worry. Chiropractic care is safe and effective for nearly all personal injuries. Chiropractors treat whiplash, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, cervical sprains and strains, back pain and more – all without prescribing meds or using invasive methods. To speed the healing of soft tissue injuries, chiropractors often use therapy modalities that are gentle, yet effective, such as low level light therapy (cold laser), ultrasound, or electrical muscle stimulation. Other treatment methods include spinal adjustments, traction and exercise rehabilitation.

9 – Your Massachusetts auto insurance will cover your personal injury claims for any suffering sustained in an auto accident.

Woburn chiropractor, Dr. Marc Moramarco is experienced treating accident injuries. He offers compassionate care and effective treatments for acute musculoskeletal injuries. Conveniently located just of I-95/128, his Woburn chiropractic clinic is centrally located and easily accessible from nearly all north Boston suburbs. He serves those from Wilmington, Burlington, Stoneham, Reading, Winchester, Lexington, Tewksbury, Billerica, North Reading, Andover, Wakefield and beyond. You can reach our offices at 781-938-8558.