Dr. Moramarco was instrumental in introducing the Schroth Method in the U.S.. After traveling the globe to find a way to help his own child avoid surgery for scoliosis, he immersed himself in study and the quest to find an alternative way to halt progression, fast.  After extensive research into scoliosis, phone conversations with published academics and physicians around the country, and several trips to meet with various providers claiming to help patients using an alternative methods, he learned of the existence of the Schroth Method in Germany. (There was little on the internet about alternative methods of treating scoliosis in 2001).

After taking his daughter to see Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss, former Asklepios Katharina Schroth Clinic Director, and spending time in the clinic, he witnessed, firsthand, how the Schroth Method can benefit the scoliotic. He knew he must continue to learn everything there is to know about the technique to help those in the US  with scoliosis, and offer a better, more effective choice for scoliosis management.  He had to share what he learned with others families living in fear of progression, and adults living with the condition.

He has created an intensive and effective program, one based on his initial work with his own child, the work done at the Asklepios Katharina Schroth, and the most recent work of Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss with activities of daily living and his Physiologic® and 3-D Made Easy® exercises, plus his extensive experience has enabled him to create an exercise or two on his own which are helping patients yield positive results.

Scoliosis patients, and families, have now traveled to Woburn from twenty-five states and five continents for his effective instruction.

Dr. Moramarco makes annual trips to Germany to stay abreast of recent developments and is in frequent communications with Schroth family members and clinic staff in Germany.

Learn more at his Scoliosis 3DC website.