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Dr. Moramarco is an international scoliosis expert in the Schroth Method of Germany. He offers a comprehensive scoliosis management program via a multi-faceted curve-pattern-specific program. Patients learn how to manage scoliosis, for life.

Certified at the Asklepios Katharina Schroth Clinic, Germany, his expertise is unsurpassed. He is the Schroth Best Practice® U.S. Advanced Instructor and international lecturer on the conservative treatment of scoliosis an co-author of Schroth Therapy: Advancements in Conservative Scoliosis Treatment. His expertise extends to scoliosis bracing. He is the North American provider of the Gensingen Brace® (GBW) for scoliosis, an innovative 3D asymmetric brace from Germany.

Dr. Marc has helped hundreds of adolescents and adults uncoil the confusion that comes with a scoliosis diagnosis. His back-school program focuses on educating, enabling and empowering scoliosis patients via Schroth scoliosis exercise that is specific to a patient’s curve pattern.

Chiropractic treatment can be helpful for those with scoliosis because spinal mobilization is important for the scoliotic spine. Dr. Moramarco’s innovative back school offers so much more. It is a comprehensive approach offering patient spinal education and the most up-to-date Schroth method techniques–Schroth Best Practice®. This is accomplished via a Schroth three-dimensional approach with a proven track record.

The Scoliosis 3DC program consists of ADL exercise, new sagittal plane exercises for scoliosis, easier Schroth exercises known as 3-D made easy® and when necessary traditional Schroth method exercises according to a patient’s unique curve pattern. Exercises are predominately in an upright position to engage the spinal musculature.

Dr. Moramarco’s scoliosis back school offers adolescents the potential for spinal improvement (via reduced Cobb angle) and postural appearance. Adults learn management techniques for improved posture, halting curve progression and pain management due to scoliosis. Dr. Moramarco’s Schroth Method program, Scoliosis 3DC  is located within his chiropractic facility and appointments for scoliosis patients are by appointment.

Each scoliosis program is individualized and involves several hours of one-to-one instruction. Program length varies according to curve severity. Mild scoliosis programs are limited and are offered as an alternative to the traditional ‘watch and wait’ and wait advice.  Programs for moderate and severe curves include:

  • Education according to each patient’s curve pattern
  • Comprehensive ADL instruction. Patients learn how to avoid feeding into curve progression during daily activities. They learn how to counteract the curves by relearning how to sit, stand, lie etc.
  • Spinal mobilizations
  • Physiologic® exercises
  • 3-D made easy® Schroth exercises
  • Traditional Schroth method exercises
  • ‘Power Schroth’ exercises
  • A customized DVD
  • An individual treatment plan binder featuring detailed instructions for each program

Whether your goal is to prevent scoliosis progression or reduce scoliosis in your adolescent child or address the myriad issues some adults with scoliosis encounter including pain, stiffness, postural problems, concerns about curve progression and more, our extensive knowledge and Schroth Best Practice® five-day immersion program makes us the best choice for Schroth Method treatment in the U.S..

While our minimal program goal for adolescents is halted progression, our ultimate goal is to help each child reduce the Cobb angle of scoliosis and improve postural appearance. This is best achieved prior to growth; however, some with residual growth have achieved curve reduction to some degree as well. Multiple factors must be considered when it comes to successful scoliosis management, among them age, growth potential, spinal flexibility etc. A majority of our patients have succeeded in reducing scoliosis curvature (as measured by Cobb angle) to some degree (change must be greater than 5º to be considered a change). Those who wear the Chêneau scoliosis brace we use to optimize each scoliosis exercise treatment regime–the Gensingen Brace® by Dr. Weiss (GBW)–are getting particularly exceptional results. Some of those results are highlighted on our Scoliosis 3DC Facebook Page.

If you are a a parent of a recently diagnosed child or an adult with scoliosis and are looking for information and answers, please call us, email at or visit Scoliosis 3DC  for additional information about our program. Also, check out our Scoliosis blog with information based on Dr. Moramarco’s more than dozen years of experience with the Schroth method.

We offer programs for older kids, adolescents and adults with mild, moderate or severe scoliosis, post-surgical treatment rehabilitation, and Scheuermann’s kyphosis.

If you would like to schedule a brief phone consultation with Dr. Moramarco, please call us 781-938-8558 or email at We look forward to hearing from you!