Adult & Adolescent Scoliosis Treatment

Dedicated and committed to teaching the Schroth Method to scoliosis patients, Dr. Moramarco has helped patients used it effectively in the US since 2002.

He brought the Schroth Method to Boston after using it to help his own daughter. Learn the entire story at our Scoliosis 3DC website.

Dr. Moramarco will help you work toward the following:

  • Halting adult scoliosis curve progression (in adolescents, we strive for reduction).
  • Creating a stable, more balanced spine.
  • Improving postural appearance.
  • Improvement of pulmonary capacity via corrective breathing and active rib mobilization.
  • Decreasing vertebral rotation.
  • Relieving or reducing pain caused by scoliosis.
  • Improving strength and flexibility.
  • Maintenance of corrections during daily activities.
  • Succeeding in avoiding scoliosis surgery.
  • Empowerment by providing the knowledge & tools to manage one’s scoliosis.

Post-surgical scoliosis treatment

This treatment option becomes available one-year post-surgery. The goals are to stabilize the spine, teach the patient to prevent collapse above and below the fusions, improve posture, and reduce pain.

Whether you suffer from severe or mild scoliosis, the chiropractic experts at our office can help. Contact us today for your consultation.