Meet the staff

We have a great staff! At Moramarco Chiropractic Office we value customer service so our philosophy is to offer our patients the high level of service we appreciate. Our office environment and staff can be described as positive and pleasant.

Jeannine – Jeannine has more than twenty years of loyal service to Dr. Marc and Woburn area chiropractic patients. She is super friendly, caring, and always goes the extra yard for our patients. She treats everyone like family. She knows how to do it all, so if you have questions she will likely have the answer and if not, will know how to get it. You will love her like we do. Jeannine lives in Wilmington with her husband and two adorable sons.

Colleen – Colleen has worked in healthcare for the past several years. A former patient, she joined after working at Winchester Hospital. She is a quick learner, has great computer skills and is always right on top of things. She is our “go to” person in the office for chiropractic and scoliosis. Colleen is from Woburn and the proud mom of two.

Amy – Amy Heller has been with our staff off and on since she was in high school after becoming a chiropractic patient. Amy graduated from Quinnipiac University with a degree in occupational therapy. Prior to rejoining our staff as a Schroth Method therapist in 2013, Amy’s range of experience included working with kids of all ages with diverse needs including sensory processing difficulties, developmental disabilities, Downs syndrome, and those on the autism spectrum. She is easy-going and our adolescent and adult scoliosis patients all love working with her. So do we!

Maja (sounds like Maya) – Maja joined after completing our scoliosis program. She is a graduate of Boston University (a bio major like Dr. Marc) and grew up in Melrose. Maja is a jack of all trades – she is sometimes at the front desk, but often working behind the scenes on website development, social media, and helping to raise scoliosis awareness for our Schroth Method program.